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”Looking for a life” – summer single by @davidmyhr released today!

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OK, it’s BIG NEWS time again… The second single from my upcoming solo debut album Soundshine has just seen the light of day! The song is called ”Looking for a life” and you can instantly check out the new video here. Or download a free mp3 of the song at my Facebook Bandpage (all you need to do is ”like” my Facebook artist page). Or if you prefer – please feel free to buy it at iTunes store or listen to the song streaming on Spotify.


Read more about the song itself and it’s background on this previous blog post.

The video is directed by Blåfilm and is heavily relying on the sceneries of beautiful Stockholm.

Since this single comes out exactly three months after ”Got you where he wanted” I’m realizing I’ve just started a tradition to release a new single every quarter of a year. Since Soundshine  is supposed to be an ”all killers no fillers” album (just like Thriller by Michael Jackson or Born to run by Bruce Springsteen – sorry for being so humble!) it looks like I will have to go on releasing singles until at least June 2013.

Of course this doesn’t mean you will have to wait for the album until then. Since the album is finished and was mastered at Abbey Road Studios the other day I hope to be able to release the album in the fall of this year (2011). My aim is to release it in October – all I have to do is to find brilliant ideas for an artwork for Soundshine (ideas are more than welcome!) and find labels interested in working together with Strong Melody to get the album out in various territories.

I really hope you enjoy the new single and video for ”Looking for a life” and again – please ”like” my FaceBook Page and subscribe to my YouTube channel and Blogposts in order not to miss any future updates on the events of the release of Soundshine . Thank you so much in advance for making “Looking for a life” part of your sound track of this summer and also for sharing, liking, and/or just plainly enjoying…