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Recording at Abbey Road today!

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I was in London in May co-ordinating a study visit trip to meet songwriters and record producers with the last year students from the studio- and rock musicians programme at the Division of Music at LTU. In one of the studios we bumped into to a very talented Swedish sound engineer with an amazing track record called Thomas Juth and we got to know each other. Over dinner a few days later he told me about his life long dream about renting the Abbey Road studio two for a day and that he was determined to do it one of these days and also inviting his father and brother who are also Beatles loving musicians. He said he had thought about inviting some songwriter, musician, producer kind of person to be part of the session and also to bring in a song to record, and it turned out he had me in mind! It’s easy to guess how long it took to convince me to do it. I had of course said “yes” already before he had actually had time to ask me the question.

To make a long story short that day is today Nov 19, 2011! So I’m writing this from within the premises of Abbey Road Studios and the idea is to just play music together, experiment with sounds, trying out old legendary vintage microphones and gear, record, and have lots of fun. It surely will be a memory for a life time. The song I brought in for today’s session is a song called “Never mine” that will be the opening track of my upcoming album Soundshine. But the version we’re recording today will be an “alternate take” on this song. I’m smiling inside to the crazy idea that the studio chosen for this “obscure version” is being recorded in the worlds most famous studio – the very same studio that the Beatles recorded all their albums in. A not too wild guess about how this version will turn out is that it will have a lot more psychedelic Beatly vibe to it but we’ll see. After all, today we’re not here to try to change music history but more to study the process of how music history was made from within the actual room were a big part of it was created. I hope to be able to share the result with you sometime in a not too distant future. OK, folks, that’s all for now – I have to get back to recording…