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Video premiere – “The Things We Do For Love”

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Ladies and gentlemen! David Myhr’s third official video is released today! The first two videos were the singles “Got you where he wanted” and “Looking for a life”, both from my solo debut album Soundshine.

The song is the brilliant pop masterpiece “The Things We Do For Love” by 10CC. I first fell in love after hearing it on Swedish radio in my twenties. My first reaction was that “this sounds a bit like Jellyfish!”. As many of you know I was a member of The Merrymakers in the 90’s and we were lucky enough to work with Andy Sturmer from Jellyfish on our second album Bubblegun. Obviously it was Jellyfish who had borrowed some inspiration from 10CC rather than the other way ’round just like they tastefully did with influences from The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Queen, Wings, and Supertramp to name a few.

Anyway, a while ago I was approached by Andrew Curry and Elisabeth Racz about whether I would be interested in participating on a Drink A Toast to Innonce: A “tribute to Lite Rock”. Since I didn’t grow up in the US and didn’t listen a lot to the radio there in the late 70’s (when I was just a kid in the north Sweden building tunnels in the snow) I wasn’t really sure what it was all about. But when I saw this particular song on the list I immediately jumped on the bandwagon and picked it before someone else would. I brought the same backing musicians together as on the recording of Soundshine which is Andreas Dahlbäck on drums, Anders Pettersson on guitar, Rikard Lidhamn on bass, and Marcus Olsson on keyboard. I sang all vocals, played guitar myself, as well as glockenspiel and the whole enchilada was mixed by Marcus Black.

Drink A Toast to Innocence: A tribute to Lite Rock just came out a couple of weeks ago and I can strongly recommended it. It’s one of the best tribute albums I’ve ever heard and I’m also very proud to be on it with a number of greatly talented artist colleagues (and in many cases friends as well). Like for instance Mike Viola who I met last summer  when he, together with my Danish musical hero Tim Christensen, made a fantastic McCartney tribute concertBleu, Linus of Hollywood, and Brandon Schott who I met all of them when I was in L.A. earlier this year; Vegas with Randolph and Eytan Mirsky who I met in conjunction to my recent concert in New York last month, and many other artists that yet have to meet IRL but have been in contact with in cyber space because of a mutual admiration for each other (Sonic Executive Sessions, Cliff Hillis, An American Underdog, Michael Carpenter and more). I could go on about this project more but I recommend you to check it out yourself on the project’s Facebook page or buy a copy at BandCamp. It can also be found on iTunes and Spotify.

In the words of the project leader Andrew Curry himself: “This is the culmination of a long time dream: to hear some of my favorite current musicians tackle the Lite Rock classics of my childhood. Whether you love the original versions and you’re curious about how the new recordings might sound, or you’re a fan of the current artists, and you want to hear their latest tracks, Drink A Toast To Innocence: A Tribute To Lite Rock is for you.”

Through this project I became friends with Todd Stanton and his family in Ohio. Todd is a devoted power pop lover and also happens to be a professional video editor with his own company Todd Productions. He’s been helping the project with a couple of promotional videos like this one and the one below where I also participate myself. He kindly offered his help in making a promotional video for “The Things We Do For Love” and I of course took him up on this incredible offer. What you see today is the result of many long days of devoted work from his end – but also from his daughter Alyson who made all the incredible illustration. I hereby want to express my deepest gratitude towards Todd and Alyson for all their hard work and I hope we’ll all be rich and famous in another life (if not in this). Also, I want to thank Andrew Curry and Elisabeth Racz for putting together this tribute album and to all the other participating artists.

I guess all this hard work from everyone involved serves as perfect examples of the “The Things We Do For Love”!