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The Melody and Madness tour EP – digital release today!

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So, the Melody and Madness adventure was over a little over five weeks ago! At my age it takes a while to recover but now is the time for a small summary. And more importantly – the digital release of the tour EP!!!



As you could see in the video clips from the summer in the previous blog post, my artist/songwriter powerpoppin’ friend and colleague Linus of Hollywood and I had big plans to conquer Sweden, U.K., and Spain armed with our melodies and our acoustic guitars. And a not small portion of madness! The whole thing turned into a great adventure and we are overwhelmed with the great reception from all you wonderful people out there who joined us along the way. It was great! From the start in Stockholm with the visit to ABBA-Benny’s studio and the V.I.P. showing of the ABBA museum (Linus is a HUGE fan with the ABBA logo tattooed on his arm!) including our impromptu karaoke performance of “Mamma Mia” being published on the museum’s offical Facebook page(!) to the last show in Bilbao, Spain, two weeks later it became a memory for life.

So many memories. The opening night in the Old Town of beautiful Stockholm where Peter Kvint was our honored guest, the amazing house concert in Uppsala, the honor to play Eggstone songs in the actual Tambourine studios with the actual Eggstone singer Per Sunding. The stop-over in Denmark where we got yelled at by an angry Australian waitress. The incredibly cosy and intimate atmosphere at the cool Green Note in Camden, London. The smashed toilet door at the great house party in Loscoe. The incredible interview for Spanish national Radio 3. The super cool gig at El Intruso Madrid, the wonderful people at Loco Club in Valencia, the uplifiting house party in Madrid. The list could be made a lot longer but… the big news today is – our limited edition CD is available on-line on iTunes/Spotify etc as of today!!!

Buy your digital copy on iTunes here. Buy your physical copy here. Or stream it on Spotify here.

The Melody and Madness tour EP was made exclusively for the tour and contains my cover of Linus’ song “Ready for Something Good”, Linus’ cover of my song “Icy Tracks” (written together with Peter Morén from Peter Bjorn and John) and lastly a cover of Badfinger, the song by Paul McCartney wrote for them, “Come and Get It”. This last song you will also be able to enjoy (as of today!) on YouTube in the form of a collage video that Todd Stanton was kind enough to put together for us where you’ll be seeing us in action from the tour from stages in Stockholm, Uppsala, Malmö, Loscoe, London, Madrid, and Valencia.

If you like what you hear, please spread the word, and share to the world!


Lastly, here’s a selection of photos from the tour:












Peace and love.