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Video for the new radio single “Lovebug” + “Deluxe Edition” of Lucky Day!!!

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I am very excited today to be able to announce a brand new video for the new radio single ”Lovebug”, taken from the album Lucky Day, co-written with the one and only Linus of Hollywood (during my co-writing trip to the US).  The video by Alexander Edström kicks off with a short glimpse from when Linus and I just had finished writing the song at his home in California. It then invites us in to the actual album recording in Nashville on the day the song was recorded.

We get to see my two amazing co-producers helping me making the track come to life – Brad Jones on upright bass and vibraphone and Andreas Dahlbäck on drums. We also get a quick peek from the drum overdub on the bridge that took place at legendary Stockholm studio Atlantis (where by the way most of ABBA’s hits were recorded!) This is the first time any of this video material is presented publicly to the world. (Previously we’ve just seen short videblogs from the album recording trip).

I’m really proud of this song and I do hope you enjoy it as well as the video! (More on the Deluxe Edition below!).


But as if this wasn’t enough I’m equally excited to announce the news that the “Deluxe Edition” of Lucky Day now is out digitally, on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. This means that not only the lucky owners of the physical CD (which you can also become!) now will be able to enjoy the three cover songs that I was fortunate enough to record with Peter Morén (Peter Bjorn and John) on backing vocals and guitar, Mikaela Hansson on piano, Jerker Odelholm on bass, and Andreas Dahlbäck on drums (as well as Gustav Afsahi on keyboard overdubs). In the video below you will get teasers from all the songs as well as a glimpse from the recording that took place at Durango Recording.


On the release page of my label Lojinx I’m quoted explaining my selection of the 3 cover songs and 4th bonus track:

Military Madness (Graham Nash) – “I love a lot of 60’s music and one of my favourite bands is The Hollies, not least because of Graham Nash’s high harmony vocals. However, I never got to love any particular album as much as I did Graham Nash’s first solo album (Songs for Beginners, 1971). It kind of resonated with me when I discovered it in my 20s and it’s been in my top 10 albums list ever since.

My Messed Up Friend (Brad Jones) – “The idea came up to surprise Brad – the co-producer of the album – as I’ve been an admirer of his production work for a long time. His only solo album Gilt-Flake is an album worth discovering. My Messed Up Friend is a song that means a lot to my wife and I and is a really touching song that’s musically interesting too.

Somewhere In My Heart (Aztec Camera) – “I don’t have a big reason for picking this song other than it’s one of the few of it’s era that I fell in love with just by hearing it on the radio. I felt a real connection with the song and it’s 60’s roots wrapped in modern production. It somehow felt like a secret love, my discovery, despite being a massive international hit! Some songs can have that effect on you, a kind of special relationship.

Spellbound– A song co-written with Jimmy Lagnefors for Swedish film Flykten till Framtiden (“My Future Love”). – “The director had specifically requested a song that ‘sounds like Electric Light Orchestra’ and Jimmy asked me to collaborate. As a huge admirer of Jeff Lynne’s songwriting and production I obviously jumped at the chance. Somehow we managed to create ‘the song that E.L.O. never made’. It was played a lot on Swedish radio, people really liked it, and I’ve come to realize that it actually kind of works really well as a song on its own merits. I’ve grown really proud of it. It kind of seemed too good to not have on the album!”

All 4 bonus tracks are now available to all on the “Deluxe Edition” release of Lucky Day, out now on all good digital platforms.

Apple: https://ljx.cc/LuckyDayDeluxe-Apple

Spotify: https://ljx.cc/LuckyDayDeluxe-Spotify

Amazon: https://ljx.cc/LuckyDayDeluxe-Amazon

Tidal: https://ljx.cc/LuckyDayDeluxe-Tidal

Deezer: https://ljx.cc/LuckyDayDeluxe-Deezer


CD/LP: https://www.lojinx.com/releases/david-myhr/lucky-day


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