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”Work of Love”– new David Myhr single from the soundtrack to new comedy Tills Frank skiljer oss åt.

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My brand new song ”Work of Love”  is part of the soundtrack written by film music composer Jimmy Lagnefors for the new comedy Tills Frank skiljer oss åt (Until Frank do us part) that premieres in Swedish movie theatres on October 18. (The same date will also be the official release date worldwide for the digital single).

Lagnefors has written the whole soundtrack (out on Spotify now!). For the 60s flavoured song ”Work of Love” he invited me to provide lead vocals. I took the song to my heart and tried to add my stamp by writing a dreamy bridge for it in the grand tradition of Beach Boys and Jellyfish (the second best band ever you know…!) . Jimmy and I have previously worked together on songs for movies, including “Vänta inte på mig” (Micke & Veronica, 2014) and “Spellbound” (Flykten till Framtiden, 2016). On the new soundtrack I also sing background vocals on the song Vibrations.

The movie is a comedy written by Peter Magnusson, directed by Leif Lindblom, and starring Liv Mjönes, Peter Magnusson, Erik Johansson. “Work of Love” provides the backdrop to a scene that takes in the ski slopes of winter sports resort Åre. See trailer here)

About the movie: ”Vera’s 40th birthday is approaching and she’s tired of being single. She’s desperately in love with her colleague Frank, but her tired life-coach wants her to lower her standards, lock-on a more resonable guy and get on with her life.”


”Work of Love”
Copyright Control/Strong Melody Publishing

Produced by Jimmy Lagnefors and David Myhr
Recorded at Sideshow Studios, Monogram Recordings, and Durango Recording.

Mixed by Andreas Dahlbäck. Mastered by Classe Persson.

David Myhr – lead vocals, electric guitars, electric piano
Jimmy Lagnefors – backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass
Christian Phillips – backing vocals
Gustav Afsahi – piano, electric harpsichord, Mellotron, synthesizers
Andreas Dahlbäck – drums