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”Every Raindrop Means A Lot” by David Myhr (Tages cover feat. Göran Lagerberg!)

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Today the Tages tribute album Fuzzy Patterns is released digitally! Check it out on Spotify here or buy it on iTunes here. And guess what, I’m on it!!! (Surprise surprise!?).

Tages, if you ask me (and many others), was the best Swedish pop band in the 60s. When I was invited to participate my first thought was: Hope no one already has taken hold of “Every Raindrop Means A Lot”! It so happens that it’s my absolute favourite song when it comes to Swedish 60’s pop. (No wonder it served as part inspiration for the production of this song that I co-wrote for a movie). The original version came in February 1967 and was featured on Tages’ album Contrast.

The song was still available and I feared doing the mistake of making a bleak “copy” of the song (like I might have done to some extent when I did 10cc’s “The Things We Did For Love”?). I asked Andreas Dahlbäck to produce it knowing he wouldn’t allow that. And I was right. He made a complete re-interpretation of the song for which Hasse Gardemar wrote a beautiful string arrangment.

David Myhr and Göran Lagerberg at the releaseparty for the book “Popåret 1967”.

We soon agreed that the “cherry on the cake” would be to involve the man who sang the chorus on the original recording 52 years ago. None less than legendary former Tages member Göran Lagerberg. Also known for groups like Kebnekajse, Fläsket Brinner and Grymlings. (Not to mention Blond who made this incredible album!). To our great delight Görans said yes!!! So it’s him that we hear on bass on my version. It was a somewhat surreal and very cool feeling to have him in the studio. A memory that certainly will last long!

I’m both excited and proud to be on the album together with so many cool artists and groups. Including my good friend, internationally celebrated rock’n’roll star Peter Morén (of Peter Bjorn and John fame) who by the way recently helped out with great backing vocals and 12-string Rickenbacker on the bonus tracks for the deluxe edition of Lucky Day (including this Aztec Camera cover). And of course Mad Men Band whose line-up features some of the great people (and good friends) with whom I’ve performed Beatles songs many time (like here). But also, Max Lorentz and Ebbot Lundberg (Soundtrack of our lives) and many more. Overall, it’s a great great album, well worth checking out!

Both CD and vinyl versions are to be expected and if you’re interested I would encourage you to follow the updates on the Fuzzy Patterns Facebook page or on this dedicated web page.

Andreas Dahlbäck, Göran Lagerberg, David Myhr

“Every Raindrop Means A Lot”
Tage Music
Produced by Andreas Dahlbäck.
Recorded at Durango Recording, Stockholm. Engineered by Andreas Dahlbäck. Mixed by Markus Black Sjöberg.

David Myhr – lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
Göran Lagerberg – bass
Andreas Dahlbäck – drums, tambourine, keyboards, glockenspiel
Peter Gardemar – violin, viola
Hans Gardemar – keyboards
Julia Stjernlöf – backing vocals
Strings arranged by Hans Gardemar