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David Myhr playing Side B of The Beatles Revolver (acoustic live)

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In August 2013 I did my first live internet streaming concert. (See teaser post with trailer).

I was sitting in a corner of my Stockholm studio with a guitar and a piano and performed the entire B-side of The Beatles “Revolver” album. If you missed it then, here’s your new chance in the era of Corona.

The whole thing was part of a series of concerts and the initiative came from my amazingly talented artist colleague Mike Viola who wrote:
“An act of randomness and pure cruelty. Fans of Mike Viola signed up to have their names pulled out of a hat and assigned to cover and perform live an entire Beatles album side! Some might go deep, some might stay shallow and safe, some might wear uniforms, some might perform naked (Wedding Album). You have to tune in to find out. This is FOR the fans and BY the fans. It’s gonna be ugly, beautiful, soft and quiet, but above all: it’s gonna be weird!”

Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream!


Thanks to Todd Stanton at  for bringing me in to this project.