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The world’s first cover of ABBA’s new song “I still have faith in you”? By David Myhr & Peter Kvint

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OK, so this is a big deal! ABBA is releasing new music!!! For the first time in THIRTY-NINE years!!!

My relation to ABBA? A Swede who devoted his life to pop and great melodies? Well, take a wild guess. On top of that I’ve been “Benny” in various ABBA shows for twenty years. Above all in our own band Super Trouper.

More about my ABBA relation and when I met Benny Andersson here.

I didn’t know how to best celebrate the evening. But when one of Sweden’s finest singer/songwriters Peter Kvint suggested having a beer I said. “Yes! Let’s have a beer. And check out the ABBA voyage thing. And, if there’s a new song… let’s make the world’s first cover of it!”. And so we did!

And, here it is… !!! Below you’ll find the clip on YouTube but you can also find  the clip on Facebook and the clip on Instagram.

Hope you enjoy!

ps Do you want to here a “day after” interview I made for  Swedish radio P4 Norrbotten about our cover? No problem! Just listen here!






Welcome to Stockholm Graham Nash

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Graham Nash is one of my all time favorite artists. I love his amazing (often high) vocal harmonies in the Hollies, and then later in Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. But also his wonderful songs! “Our House” just to name one classic that easily can move me to tears. But what I love most about Graham Nash is his solo debut album “Songs for beginners” from 1971. My brother Niklas had it on vinyl and when The Merrymakers used to start coming to Stockholm in the early 90’s we always (always!) played it at every after party we ever had. And since then I’ve always come back to the record. We also included it in the booklet of “No Sleep’ til famous” as one of the ten “other compact discs that will give you guaranteed listening pleasure”. Make sure though, if you check it out on Spotify for instance that you avoid the 2008 Stereo mix. It sounds terrible to my ears. (Almost as bad as when they remixed the great albums by ZZ Top from the seventies). So just follow this link and you’ll be fine.

Anyway – I’m very excited that tonight (on Paul McCartney’s 74th birthday – my friend you know) I will get to see him live for the first time in my life. So excited that I’m preparing a pre-party at Noel’s and made a little clip of myself singing his wonderful tune “Wounded bird”. Enjoy!

So again – welcome to Stockholm Graham Nash!!! Be yourself!