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Thank you 2012! (Soundshine medley and slideshow)

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It’s time to say goodbye to the year of 2012 and I want to do it by saying thank you to all you wonderful people who have been involved in one way or another in the events surrounding the release of my solo debut album Soundshine.

To do so I have put together a four minute long slide show that will take you through memorable moments from recording sessions in Stockholm and at Abbey Road in London to gigs in Tokyo, Osaka, Madrid, Burgos, London, Stockholm, and Piteå. But more importantly it shows some of all the great meetings I’ve had with music lovers, music colleagues, fans, friends, family, band mates, record label and music publishing people, and a couple of idols as well.

The soundtrack consists of a medley of all the songs on Soundshine in a “don’t bore us – get to the chorus” fashion. The photos were taken by among others Amy Campbell, Paula and Carol Muñoz Macaya, Kiki Fukuzumi, Jonas Förare, but also by many more… thanks!

So, from the bottom of my heart – thank you to each and everyone who has supported the release of Soundshine (and that includes all of you who didn’t end up in the slide show as well)!

Hope to see you all again in a not too distant future!

Happy New Year!


David Myhr interview for J-Pop World

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Any plans this weekend? If not, it might be the perfect moment to read the brand new David Myhr interview for J-Pop World!!! Just click on the screen dump below… enjoy!!!

“Girlfriend” in Tokyo!

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I first fell in love with Matthew Sweet‘s brilliant album “Girlfriend” in the early 90’s. It became a standing favorite in my CD collection. There’s brilliant songwriting (“I’ve been waiting”, “Girlfriend”, “Winona”, “Evangeline”), great pop feel, beautiful harmony vocals mixed with wacky and noisy guitar work by Richard Lloyd (Television). Sour and sweet at the same time. The guitar playing inspired me a great deal to try to find a kind of “crazy” take on every solo instead of a slick, melodic, or a standard blues-based approach. Like for instance my solo on the Merrymakers since long forgotten Dreamgirl #9. My personal theory is that everything began with Paul McCartney’s legendary guitar solo on Taxman which definitely opened a lot of doors for how a guitar solo can sound.

This year Matthew Sweet is celebrating the 20th year anniversary of this great album and you can watch himself in an interview discussing my (and many other people’s) favorite song from the album “I’ve been waiting”.

Even though I haven’t followed Matthew’s work intensely since the 90’s his influence apparently still is present in the back of my head. For instance it was the intro riff of his hit song “Sick of myself” that inspired me to the guitar riff of my own “Got you where he wanted”. It’s something with the raw energy and simplicity that always strike me when listening to it. I turned up the volume on my VOX AC-30, took my guitar, came to think if this song, and somehow I just switched the order of the chords and there was the embryo of a new song. In the end if you listen to the songs they don’t have much to do with each other  – but this is a good example of a spark that ignited the writing of a song. Re-cycling is a big part of what great pop-writing always has been about! Just ask Per Gessle of Roxette or Noel Gallagher of Oasis…

So, why all this talk about this old hero of mine you might ask. Yes, because the other day (in the midst of my promotional tour of Japan) I was fortunate enough to be invited by Sony Music Publishing Japan to attend a concert at the Billboard Live in Tokyo to see Matthew Sweet and his band (consisting of among others two members of Velvet Crush) perform the entire album live! Such a great – and almost surreal – experience to sit there and watching your favorite album LIVE with the Tokyo skyline as a backdrop.

The show was great and it was very interesting to see the well behaved Japanese crowd sitting quiet at their tables watching the concert. It was very far from the typical crowded, sweaty, basement kind of  rock-club. And I must admit I was worryingly comfortable there at the table with my pasta and a glass of red wine. Must be an sign of age!  The only downside was that the lead vocals were a bit too low volume-vise. But who was I to complain? I was very fortunate to be there in the first place and the icing on the cake was of course to see Matthew, Paul Chastain, and Rick Menck backstage aftewards and give them my praise. Here’s a couple pictures from the meet & greet – one with Matthew Sweet and me – the other with Paul Chastain (Velvet Crush) and me:

All in all – a Friday evening in my taste!!!

Starting the year in Japan!

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How was 2012 for you so far? Personally, I started off by jumping on a plane together with my wife Paula with destination Tokyo and have spent 25 of the first 32 hours travelling. We had only just got home from a very nice New Year’s dinner with close friends when it was time to get going again, ignore any potential hangover, and now we’re here! Here’s a picture from the Narita Express: 

The reason for suddenly being here is that it’s now time to make a so called “promotional tour” since my album Soundshine was pre-released in Japan just a few weeks ago. 

On Wednesday (Jan 4) I will make a one man acoustic performance at Club Wonder in Osaka which you can read more about by clicking the poster below:

Thanks to Amy Walters for the poster design (based on the artwork for Soundshine)!

On Tuesday (Jan 3) I will make an appearance and an interview in Radio Nippon

The “grande finale” of this promo tour will be the Power Pop Academy party arranged by Thistime Records at Shimokitazawa Three on Wednesday Jan 11. There I will make another live performance – this time backed up by Japanese musicians!! Very cool!!! They are Ryuji Gotoh from ONEPERCENTRES on drums, Osam Watanabe on bass, and Yasu Hashiguchi from hello! on guitar. I am very humbly thankful that they seem to be  willing to learn my songs to back me up and I hope it’s going to be great party night!! So if you happen to be around Tokyo, make sure not to miss out on this (click picture below for more info about the party):  

Apart from the promo activities we are hoping to do some shopping, see old friends, catch Matthew Sweet in concert on Friday, eat lots of delicious Japanese food, and of course sing some karaoke!