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First live show ever as a solo artist!!! Live at Valdino, Acusticum, Piteå on Apr 8!

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I’m happy to announce that a date for my first live show ever as a solo artist has been set!

It will take place in my birthtown Piteå in the north of Sweden on April 8, 2011. The venue is called Restaurang Valdino Acusticum and normally serves as a lunch restaurant for people working at Department of Art, Communication and Education at Luleå University of Technology (less formally known as “The School of Music in Piteå”). Speaking of which, I am one of those people! More on that in a future blog post…

Anyway – this evening the restaurant will change into a cool, hip and happening, and at the same time cosy rock club for one evening and I’m looking forward to playing the majority of the songs from my upcoming solo debut album Soundshine, including of course the first single that came out a couple of weeks ago – Got you where he wanted.

The same evening people will have the opportunity to enjoy a live performance by Andreas Mattsson who just like me is releasing a solo album this year, and just like me is returning to his former home town Piteå for this occasion. Mattsson used to be in the brilliant band Popsicle which was highly influential on the Swedish 90’s indie pop scene. A true master of pop! I’ve followed Andreas myself ever since he sang and wrote the song “Naiv pop” with his first(?) band X-akt on a compilation album with bands from Piteå (“Ripp-Rocks skiva”) in the early 80’s but of course also through the 90’s in Popsicle a band which was also influenced the Merrymakers to some extent. Their big hit was “Not forever”.

Andreas has also contributed with a lyric for a melody I wrote in Nashville together with the American songwriter Ian Eskelin. The song is called “Looking for a life” and will of course be included in my live set. It’s one of the highlights on the coming album and there’s even a rumour in my head(!) that it might be the next single. Speaking of co-writing by the way, Andreas has a gifted brother called Fredrik who is a friend of mine since many years and he has also been involved in a song on the album, this one called “Cut to the chase”.

For this “historic” first live performance I have just put together an absolutely wonderful backing band which consists of the marvelously talented and inspiring Andreas Dahlbäck on drums, who also plays on (and has acted as my co-producer for) Soundshine. On the bass we will find Erik Jonsson who’s a new aquantaince of mine. As I write this I haven’t even met him. But I have seen him in action on YouTube with his cool band The Fix so I know his a great bass player. Banging the piano, wurlitzer and mastering the syntheziers you will find Joel Sjödin from a great band called Mankind. I had the pleasure of getting to know Joel a few years ago while he was a student at the studio musicians program (mentioned above) and now is a good friend of mine. Lastly on guitar I have the pleasure of introducing the Piteå audience to the very gifted and tasteful Krille Eriksson.

Apart from being my first live show ever as a solo artist it’s also the first live gig with my original material since 2007 when we made the last two performances with the Merrymakers, one of them being in Valencia, Spain, and my mysterious one-off show at Club Wonder in Osaka, Japan, in november 2009.

Hope to see you there at this evening of pure pop for now people!