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The EP “And Now This” celebrated as a “must hear” in Spain’s biggest newspaper El País!!!

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For those of you who understand Spanish, just read this article!

And for the rest of you – read on and I’ll explain what it says. The record review section of El País on-line writes that it’s the best bunch of records in a long time. And included within the 16 records you “must hear” is my new EP “And Now This”!!!  I am obviously very proud and thankful for this. (And special thanks to my good friend Javier Martínez in Burgos, famous from for instance this Instagram post, who made me aware of this…).

Here is an excerpt from the article:


My (somewhat rough) English translation:

– David Myhr, ‘And Now This’

Who is it? David Myhr is a Swedish musician highly appreciated by the tasters of (almost) perfect pop songs. After having formed part of The Merrymakers he has published works under his own name.

Is it that good And Now This? It only has four songs, but magnificent ones. For those who likes the more melodic part of The Byrds or Teenage Funclbu; sweet songs and beautiful performances.



As those of you know who have followed me for a long time, Spain is my second home country given that my wife Paula is Spanish. But it’s also one of the countries on this earth that has received my music best. I’m very grateful to have released my solo albums on the ultra cool Spanish label Rock Indiana and for having toured there. I have also made several appearances on Spanish national radio (speaking in Spanish for better or worse!!!). For instance, check out this program where I speak (in Spanish) about my favorite recrods of all time for almost an hour! Or see this interview together with the great Linus of Hollywood during our Melody and Madness tour of Europe.


¡Muchísimas gracias El País! Y a mi público en España quiero decir que tengo muuuchas ganas de volver a España y algún día tocar en vivo de nuevo. Saludos desde Suecia!

Lots of thank you El País! And to my audience in Spain I would like to say that I am veeeeery eager to return to Spain some day and to play live again. Greetings from Sweden!


Please let me finish off with a reminder of the video from the first song of the EP, “We Wanted To Shine”: