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The world’s first cover of ABBA’s new song “I still have faith in you”? By David Myhr & Peter Kvint

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OK, so this is a big deal! ABBA is releasing new music!!! For the first time in THIRTY-NINE years!!!

My relation to ABBA? A Swede who devoted his life to pop and great melodies? Well, take a wild guess. On top of that I’ve been “Benny” in various ABBA shows for twenty years. Above all in our own band Super Trouper.

More about my ABBA relation and when I met Benny Andersson here.

I didn’t know how to best celebrate the evening. But when one of Sweden’s finest singer/songwriters Peter Kvint suggested having a beer I said. “Yes! Let’s have a beer. And check out the ABBA voyage thing. And, if there’s a new song… let’s make the world’s first cover of it!”. And so we did!

And, here it is… !!! Below you’ll find the clip on YouTube but you can also find  the clip on Facebook and the clip on Instagram.

Hope you enjoy!

ps Do you want to here a “day after” interview I made for  Swedish radio P4 Norrbotten about our cover? No problem! Just listen here!






New video for “Oh Susie” (Secret Service cover)

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Less than a month after the video premiere of the Elvis Costello cover “Veronica”, it’s now time for yet another video premiere. This time it’s the recent singles B-side “Oh Susie” that has been honored with a video clip.

Read the full background story on the “Veronica” / “Oh Susie” single in this blog post or at this release page over at my label Lojinx.

“Oh Susie” can be found both on iTunes and Spotify.

In the video you will find the three performers on the track which are:

David Myhr – vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, harpsichord
Hanna Ekström – strings
Andreas Dahlbäck – drums, percussion

The video editing and post production is made by Todd Productions, Inc.

Skärmavbild 2015-04-18 kl. 13.31.56Skärmavbild 2015-04-18 kl. 13.23.10 - version 2

Skärmavbild 2015-04-18 kl. 13.32.19

Skärmavbild 2015-04-18 kl. 13.23.37

Soundshine on LP!!!

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Good news vinyl fans! 

Just like that. Out of the blue! While you’re all out there lazing on all the sunny afternoons I am delighted to bring you a little surprise from the David Myhr record label head quarters at Lojinx, England. Soundshine is available as of TODAY on vinyl. Yes indeed! A real 33 13 rpm microgroove vinyl record. An LP (Long Play)! Get your copy now by clicking this link: http://ljx.cc/soundshine

Up until now I’ve been watching the whole vinyl revival thing from a distance. I’ve remained a digital guy, fascinated as I am with streaming services like Spotify. Having said that, there’s a particular magic about the old LP format that not even I can resist. It obviously has a lot to do with nostalgia. As a small kid in the late 70’s and early 80’s the LP was the medium on which I discovered music (alongside the cassette). I’ll never forget when my sister-in-law Agneta borrowed me her copies of The Beatles red and blue albums. Or how I went to the local record store and bought my own copy of Paul McCartney’s then brand new Tug of war. Not to mention browsing through my brother Niklas record collection discovering David Bowie, Neil Young, Cat Stevens, and other “hip and happening” artists (as you can see I was retro even as a twelve-year-old).
In a (very) old blog post I wrote about how I miss record stores and now the time has come to admit that I also miss the smell, the sound, and above all the look of the LP format. And finally, the longing after something “real” became so strong that I decided to put some hard-earned money into making a vinyl version of Soundshine in hope there’s at least a few people out there that just like me are looking forward to opening it up in the new format, to enjoy the artwork (now bigger than ever!), read the lyrics, the never-ending thank you list, the credits, and everything on the inner sleeve. (Stuff that seems to be completely forgotten these days but which for us music nerds is half the fun). And then to put down the needle and enjoy listening to something so old-fashioned as a “Side A”, flip it over, and then “Side B”.
The two last songs will differ from the digital version. The backwards mumbo jumbo at the end of “Icy Tracks” is gone and the never-ending outro of “Ride Along” is somewhat shortened. This is due to the physical limitations of the LP format. But funnily enough I think it (if possible?) actually may increase the listening experience.
Included with the album is a digital download in case you (just like me) don’t yet have your vinyl player set up. In other words you can still enjoy the packaging and hang it on the wall alongside your Nickelback, and Michael Bolton album covers (they’re the ones you’re supposed to mention when you’re being ironic, right?).
If you didn’t yet familiarize yourself with the album Soundshine from 2012 (see release blog post here) – please check out some quotes here.
I know you’re in the middle of your summer cocktail right now, but hey – a copy of this very exclusive edition is  just a click away at the Lojinx store for 15£ (including V.A.T.).
Peace and love!

Soundshine LP

“Euphoria” (Loreen) – David Myhr version

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In May 2012 after having released Soundshine I suddenly ran out of new song ideas to try out with my beloved Studio musician’s students at The School of Music in Piteå so instead I had a go at producing an alternate version of the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2012 – “Euphoria” by Loreen. The idea came late at night on that Saturdaywhen she won the contest and the recording was done the following Monday. Here’s a memory from that occasion in form of a shaky video… (Hey there was no budget neither for a proper mix nor a proper video – sorry for any inconveniece caused…). Enjoy!


David Myhr welcomes Tom Petty to Europe by singing “Wildflowers”!

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The first time I took notice of Tom Petty was when I was watching the Live Aid concert on TV in 1985. I remember thinking as a 15-year old; “what an boring old fart with silly glasses…”. Instead I was fascinated by Bowie & Jagger, U2 and Queen etc, and hoping for a rumoured Beatles reunion with Julian Lennon instead of John. (In the end the final turned out to be Paul McCartney singing “Let it be” without a functioning microphone…)

Little did I know that only three years later Tom Petty would team up with ex-Beatle George Harrison who had just made a comeback with the brilliant Cloud Nine album, and that album’s producer ex-E.L.O. genius Jeff Lynne, Bob Dylan, and Roy Orbison in the supergroup Traveling Wilburys. And soon after came one of my all time favorite albums – Petty’s masterpiece Full Moon Fever. I was blown away and realized he’s the coolest artist on earth, writing nothing but brilliant songs and with a taste for Beatles, Byrds, Dylan, American roots rock, British new wave á la Costello, Rickenbacker guitars, well… I could make the list longer. (No wonder another pop fanatic like Sweden’s Per Gessle of Roxette always was a big fan!) Another few years later came the album “Wildflowers” and I realized Petty is like vintage vine. Just gets better with age. (At least up ’til that point.)

I saw him live in Stockholm in ’93, and I saw him at Hollywood Bowl, L.A. (where I amazingly have played myself two times), in 2006 (with my hero Jeff Lynne as a guest!), and now it’s time again to welcome him to Europe after twenty years!

So while waiting for my solo album Soundshine due for release in Europe on Lojinx this spring I thought this was enough reason to have a go at one of my favorite Petty songs – “Wildflowers”.  Just like I did with ABBA’s “Happy New Year” a couple of weeks ago I decided to keep it simple; one voice – one guitar. As I said then I’m often tempted to add layers of vocals and lots of overdubs. It’s like Jeff Lynne said in this interview “I used to think that more is more, I just loved to overdub.”.

I didn’t intend to make the song “my own” by changing it around too much which is normally recommended when making cover versions but I just think it’s perfect as it is. Sorry for that!


Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to share the YouTube clip or download a free mp3 (“arrow pointing down”) or share from the Soundcloud player above.